Monday, February 6, 2012

Projections for 2/6/12

First Four Out:  Minnesota, Colorado State, Seton Hall, Miami (FL)

Next Four Out:  Arkansas, Wyoming, Marshall, Pittsburgh

Midwest (#1 overall)

1 Kentucky
16 Long Island vs Mississippi Valley State

8 Illinois
9 Wichita State

5 St. Mary's
12 Cincinnati

4 Michigan
13 Middle Tennessee

6 Florida State
11 Memphis

3 Kansas
14 Oral Roberts

7 Temple
10 Washington

2 Georgetown
15 Davidson

West (#4 Overall)

1 Missouri
16 Norfolk State vs Stony Brook

8 Connecticut
9 Alabama

5 Indiana
12 Long Beach State

4 San Diego State
13 Cleveland State

6 Louisville
11 California

3 Michigan State
14 VCU

7 Kansas State
10 St. Louis

2 North Carolina
15 Bucknell

East (#2 Overall)

1 Syracuse
16 UNC Asheville

8 Southern Miss
9 New Mexico

5 Creighton
12 NC State

4 Wisconsin
13 Arizona vs Brigham Young

6 Murray State
11 Texas

3 Florida
14 Nevada

7 West Virginia
10 Harvard

2 Duke
15 Weber State

South (#3 Overall)

1 Ohio State
16 Texas-Arlington

8 Vanderbilt
9 Iowa State

5 Virginia
12 Northwestern vs Xavier

4 Marquette
13 Iona

6 Mississippi State
11 Purdue

14 Akron

7 Gonzaga
10 Notre Dame

2 Baylor
15 Belmont


steve jones said...

Northwestern in, and Minnesota out??
that alone makes your bracket silly..

Rainmaker203 said...

My projection is what the field will be in March, not as of right now. Look at Minnesota's remaining schedule:

Ohio State
Michigan State

At 5-6 right now, they have to go 4-3 just to finish 9-9 in conference. Frankly that's not very likely. 3-4 would put them at 8-10, which would be right on the cut line this year. Anything worse and they're clearly out.

Here's what Northwestern has left:

@Penn state
Ohio State

They need to go 5-3 to get to 9-9 in conference. I don't love their chances, but I think they're more likely to get there than Minnesota.

The OOC results for the two teams are about the same. Neither team suffered a bad loss, but neither team got a marquee win either (Northwestern over Seton Hall was the best win). Both had good records, so I think conference standing will differentiate the two.

Feel free to disagree, but that's why I went with Northwestern instead of Minnesota.

Rainmaker203 said...
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