Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bubble Breakdown: 3/4/09

The amount of bubble teams that didn't get the job done tonight is just staggering. Here's a rundown of what each team needs to do from here on out:

North Carolina 86, Virginia Tech 78: With this loss, the Hokies are now 7-8 in the ACC and have lost 7 of their last 10. They still have a chance at an at-large, but they absolutely must win @FSU now.

NC State 74, Boston College 69: A hurtful, but not devastating loss for the Eagles. I still think BC will be fine as long as they take care of business against GT on Saturday. With the win they would finish 9-7 in the ACC with victories over UNC, Duke, and FSU.

Ga Tech 78, Miami 68: This loss just about ends Miami's NCAA hopes. Their only chance now is to make it to the ACC finals, and even then they might need the auto-bid to make the field.

Georgia 90, Kentucky 85: This crushing loss may be too much for UK to overcome. The Wildcats need to win @Florida, then get to the conference finals to have a chance now.

Mississippi State 80, Florida 71: Could the SEC really be a 3 bid league? Florida looks to be in the same boat as Kentucky, as a run to the conference finals might be necessary to get an at-large bid.

Minnesota 51, Wisconsin 46: A huge win for the Gophers, as they are now guaranteed a .500 finish in Big 10 play. Add that to their 12-0 nonconference record (which includes a win over Louisville) and Minnesota appears to be in good shape to grab a bid. You listening Lunardi?

Texas A&M 72, Colorado 66: Not exactly a marquee win, but the Aggies have passed alot of bubble teams over the past 3 days by simply not losing. Texas A&M just needs one more win now (either against Mizzou or in the Big 12 tourney) to enter lock status.

UTEP 70, UAB 52: This should end any chance the Blazers had at grabbing an at-large. They must win the C-USA tournament now.

Northwestern 64, Purdue 61: A huge win for the Wildcats. They're still on the outside looking in at this point, but if they win @Ohio State and then win a couple in the Big 10 tournament, who knows.

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