Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bubble Update: 3/13/08

Since no new teams entered the field yesterday as at-larges, I thought it would be a good time to share my bubble list and tell what each team has to do to get an NCAA bid.

There are currently 8 bids still up for grabs (this number could shrink if a conference like the A-10 or C-USA has a surprise champ). After Syracuse's loss today, I believe there are 19 teams still alive for these last 8 spots.

Maryland: needs to reach ACC final
Virginia Tech: could be in with a win over Miami. May need to reach ACC final to be safe.
Ohio State: needs to beat Michigan State
Texas A&M: needs to beat Iowa State
Villanova: needs to beat Georgetown
Arizona: might be in already, needs to beat Stanford to be safe
Arizona State: needs to beat USC
Oregon: needs to beat WSU
Ole Miss: needs to beat Georgia and Kentucky, may need to reach SEC final
Florida: needs to beat Alabama and Mississippi State, may need to reach SEC final
UMass: probably already in, needs to beat Charlotte to be safe
Dayton: needs to beat Xavier
St. Joseph's: needs to reach A-10 final
Temple: needs to reach A-10 final
South Alabama: should be in, but can't be a lock until enough bubble teams choke
Illinois State: in for now, could be in trouble if a bunch of teams play their way in
New Mexico: needs to reach MWC final
VCU: needs most of these teams to choke
UAB: needs to reach C-USA final, probably needs auto bid

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