Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday's Winners and Losers

There was alot of action Saturday throughout the country. Some teams stepped up and got huge wins, and some teams took some damaging losses. Here's my summary of Saturday's winners and losers.


  • Villanova- picked up a marquee win against UConn that really bolsters their at-large hopes.
  • Miami (FL)- won their 4th game in a row against Maryland to improve to 6-6 in ACC play. They are getting close to locking up an NCAA bid.
  • Kentucky- picked up another quality win against Arkansas to improve to 9-3 in the SEC. They are now officially on the radar for an at-large bid.
  • Mississippi State- won in OT at South Carolina. The Bulldogs move to lock status now that their SEC record is 9-3.
  • Drake- the victory at Butler gave them the one thing that was missing from their profile: a signature win.
  • Arizona State- won at Washington to get back to .500 in Pac 10 play.
  • Baylor- got a huge win against Kansas State to stabilize their position in the NCAA field.
  • Tennessee- picked up the mother-of-all signature wins against Memphis. They will probably be the #1 overall seed on Monday's projections.
  • Arizona- won at Washington State to get back to 7-7 in the Pac 10. Their computer numbers are very strong, but their remaining schedule is too difficult to make the Wildcats a lock.
  • Kent State- possibly the biggest winner of all today. Their win at St. Mary's might have catapulted them in the NCAAs regardless of how they do in the MAC tournament.


  • Maryland- the loss to Miami puts the Terps squarely on the bubble. They probably need 2 of their last 3 now in order to have a chance at an at-large.
  • Arkansas- losing to Kentucky keeps the Razorbacks out of the lock category. They are still in good shape though, as they probably only need to finish 2-2 to get a bid.
  • Kansas- their loss at Oklahoma State might have ruined any chance the Jayhawks had at a 1 seed.
  • Oregon- they let one slip away at UCLA. Unless the run the table and then win their 1st game in the Pac 10 tournament, they can kiss an at-large bid goodbye.
  • Texas A&M- losing at home to Nebraska is bad for the Aggies. Losing a 3rd straight game to fall to 6-6 in Big 12 play is worse.
  • Butler- they're still a lock for the tournament, but their seed is going to take a hit after blowing their last chance for a marquee win.
  • Mississippi- the blowout loss to LSU ends any chances the Rebels had at getting an at-large.
  • Kansas State- the Wildcats have now lost 3 of their last 4. With games against Texas and Kansas looming this week, that could very well become 5 of their last 6.
  • Brigham Young- the loss at San Diego State ends their 9 game winning streak. The Cougars are still in the driver's seat for the MWC title, but their seed just took a hit.
  • St. Mary's- the Gaels should still be safe for a bid, but the loss to Kent State puts added pressure on them to perform well against Gonzaga and in the WCC tournament.

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